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Travel On Unpaved Surfaces by Halluc IIχ (AI)

Just imagine when you get a robotic car which can be fit anywhere anytime. World has so many barriers, you have often found that there are some places where you cannot travel with a vehicle, for instance on stairs ,or you cannot park your car between two cars, problems like these are very sophisticated and can be solved by very sophisticated tech, just like this one. It is amazingly build AI robot  Halluc IIχ. This is a very sophiticated one. that can travel on unpaved surfaces. It has 56 motors and adjusts to negotiate uneven terrains. It has vehicle, insect, and animal modes. The below video shows how Halluc IIx, the newest creation of the Hallucigenia project.
As you can see the design is very sophisticated and programming also. This robot can do so many tricks , very entertaining to watch.