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The Swarms

Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems which consist of large numbers of mostly simple physical robots. It is supposed that a desired collective behavior emerges from the interactions between the robots and interactions of robots with the environment. This approach emerged on the field of artificial swarm intelligence, as well as the biological studies of insects, ants and other fields in nature, where swarm behavior occurs.

Swarm robotics is amazing approach, you can imagine when the way you control all of your employees in the office, you will be able to control all the robots that are working inside your room or Industrial work area.

Swarms are not like usual simple Robotics, The research of swarm robotics is to study the design of robots, their physical body and their controlling behaviors. It is inspired but not limited by the emergent behaviors observed in social insects, called swarm intelligence. Relatively simple individual rules can produce a large set of complex swarm behaviors. A key-component is the communication between the members of the group that build a system of constant feedback. The swarm behavior involves constant change of individuals in cooperation with others, as well as the behavior of the whole group. The two other similar fields of study which more or less have the same team structure and almost the same goals are multi-robot exploration and multi-robot coverage.