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Self Destructive Computer chip

Self Destruction Computer chip

An amazing computer chip which can self destruct in five seconds. This can be used in high security for sensitive data. We have also seen the examples in the movies now this has came to the reality. We all have so many sensitive data that we want particular person know. We can send those information through this device and this will destroy after finishing its work, automatically.

Even if you came to know that it is in wrong hands you can remotely destroy it. This new method uses silicon computer wafers attached to a piece of tempered glass that shatters into smithereens when heated in one spot. The heat can be turned on via a remote, which in the future could conceivably be triggered by anything from Wi-fi to a radio frequency signal, said Gregory Whiting, a materials scientist and manager of the Novel Electronics Group that produced the chip at PARC, a Xerox company. The self-destructing chip was on display last month at DARPA’s “Wait, What? Technology Forum” in St. Louis.


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