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IOT, Gas Sensors and Arduino

Goal of this project

This is an interesting and easy to do project.
Suppose we want to monitor air quality as well as concentration of gases in air of different cities or locations in real time.
We can achieve this simply with an #arduino, ESP8266 wifi module, some gas sensors and PHP.

This Project will cover following concepts.

  1. How to access a webpage using ESP8266 wifi module.
  2. How to use a Gas Sensor
  3. Arduino Programming

Part List
I am mentioning main components
1. ESP8266
2. Arduino Uno board
3. MQ-5 sensor
4. MQ-7 sensor
5. MQ-135 sensor
6. 9V, 1 amp. Power Supply

Schematic Diagram

schematic-digram of IOT project
Schematic Diagram

PCB Layout

topview pcb

IOT, ESP8266 and Gas Sensor
IOT, ESP8266 and Gas Sensor


IMG_20160814_124558 IMG_20160814_124737 IMG_20160814_124744



PHP Page for IOT project

Project is being updated. :)

  • schmurtz

    Hi, thanks for sharing this. Why is there two MQ-135 ? You can’t mesure NOx and CO2 with only one ? Potentiometer on MQ-135 sensor board differs ?