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Interactive Voice Response System with Arduino, Java and MySql – Open Source

Interactive Voice Response System(I.V.R.S.) are very common these days. Most of the customer care centers, offices, government and private enterprises uses these to provide facility to their customers, so that they can access to some sort of information, modify those information if needed or book a gas cylinder etc.

In this project we are going to use Atmega328(Arduino) as an interface between mobile with DTMF circuit and computer. In Computer we are running a software developed using Java language and college database using MySql database.

Text to speech(TTS) conversion is being done using a Java library which facilitates in providing an audio interface to a user. User provide feedback using pressing keys from mobile. For example, If system ask for password, user type the password. Hardware decodes the keys from DTMF signal and send it to the software. Software matches the password from database. On successful match, system proceed for further interactions with customer.

  • Dan

    Hello , will you guys make a tutorial for this project ?


      Yes Dan, very Soon. Thanks for your interest.

  • Quang Tran

    Love to see tutorial

    • Amit Saini

      Yes Quang , we will post as soon as possible.