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Android controlled LED Dot Matrix Matrix Open Source Project

Android(Bluetooth) controlled 16×64 LED Display Open Source

LED Dot Matrix Display(DMD) are very popular for displaying information at Bus/Railway stations, Hospitals, Banks etc. We thought to bring an article for you to make your own cute and little Led Display which can be used at home for displaying information like temperature, humidity or greeting notes etc.



  1. Led x 1024
  2. Resistor 330E x 64
  3. 74HC595 – Shift Register x 8
  4. 74HC138 (3×8 Multiplexer) x 2
  5. Atmega328 x 1
  6. 22pf  x 2
  7. 16Mhz x 1
  8. Bluetooth HC05


There are two circuits in this project. One is controller board(Atmega328-Arduino based) and other is LED matrix board. Arduino board in following schematic is shown for description purpose only, however actual board is designed specially for this project only.

Controller board has 16 pin connector in schematic (2x 8 pin connectors in layout) for selecting one row at a time. 3 Pins of arduino are connected with two 74HC138(3×8 multiplexer).


Led Matrix Schematic

Led Matrix Schematic
Led Matrix Schematic

Columns are controlled using 74HC595 parallel load shift registers. 8 columns can be driven using one 74HC138. Hence 64 columns are controlled using 8 of these ICs. I am giving schematic of 16×16 LED Matrix. 4 of these 16×16 matrix can be attached serially to make 16×64 dot matrix display.


How it works?





This project uses Arduino software for developing logic. But we are using customize hardware with Atmega328 at its heart. Hex file is burned separately using USBASP programmer. Schematic diagram is as below.

PCB Layout



Component Placing LED Display Controller Board
Component Placing LED Display Controller Board
LED Display Controller Board Complete
LED Display Controller Board Complete

Output Video


    Improvment suggestions are most welcome :)

  • Nitin Tiwari

    Could not find the code and layout files. Dear Waayoo can you please post the files?


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  • Agachart Sukchouy

    please,give me Transistor PNP code?


      PNP Transistor TC100

  • prathap

    please give proper code


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  • Tridip Manna

    Please give me full code

  • curious

    give me the full code

  • Tridip Manna

    Please give me the full code please please please

  • Tridip Manna

    Please give me the full code

  • luizaa13

    hello, can you share the full code? Thank you ^^